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The glorious, fascinating peninsula of Azuero

March 3rd, 2015
The glorious , fascinating peninsula of Azuero

Azuero – the name is derived from the color blue. The blue of the sea and sky. Green is the other color of the Azuero Peninsula which juts out a hundred kilometers into the Pacific in lonely isolation.

There are other colors-white for the sand of an island beach , silver for the flash of a fighting fish, red for the homemade clay tiles on the roofs and a myriad of colors for devils’ masks and polleras from a Colonial past.… Read the rest

Panama Canal

July 15th, 2014
Nuevas esclusas del Canal

Awesome then… amazing now

The Panama Canal, after a century in operation, is still one of the engineering wonders of the world – the “Mars probe” of the Wright Brothers’ days.

Even by today’s standards it is awesome to see a container ship gliding through massive locks and past a rain forest.… Read the rest

Panama New Convention Center

March 6th, 2013
Nuevo Centro de Convenciones de Panamá

We’re building it

– they will come

A dramatic addition to the vibrant development of Panama City is under way — a new convention center fronting the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal and scheduled to be finished next year. Panama’s current site for large congresses and events, the ATLAPA Convention Center, built in the late 1970s, is the best of its kind in Central America but showing its age and lacking space.

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On top of the red double decker

August 4th, 2012
City Sightseeing Panama

Getting to know the city

The red double decker bus, one of London’s traditional icons, also seen in many major capitals of the world in its open-top version, is now part of the Panama City scene.

A local company, City Sightseeing Panama, is now a member of the worldwide tourist bus franchise whose slogan is “Hop on, hop off’.… Read the rest

Our Cover – Vol. 38#2

August 4th, 2012
Focus Panama - Vol. 38#2

If you needed a sign that Panama is now a recognised international tourist destination, the big red double decker buses, which began to ply Panama City streets this year, have provided it. Seasoned travellers know that most major destination cities offer the hop on, hop off service.

That is the reason we chose to put a bus on the cover of this issue.… Read the rest

Panama gourmet coffee tempts the world’s connoisseurs

May 4th, 2012
El café gourmet de Panamá

Text: Jacob Ehrler & Roberta G. Jones.
Photos: Jennifer Moloney

Panamanian coffee has made an entrance on the world stage, and owners of farms in the rich, fertile coffee-producing highlands of Chiriquí are now well aware of just how hip a cup of local coffee can be. Starbucks, the mega-chain which led the coffee fad that became a world trend, features Panamanian Boquete coffee on their in-store displays, portrayed in a bright and colorful mola design.… Read the rest

Born to win at Haras Cerro Punta

September 20th, 2011
Haras Cerro Punta, in Chiriquí

The joy of horses… grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.

By Jacob Ehrler
Photos: Jennifer Moloney


According  to equine author Sharon Ralls  Lemon:  “The  essential  joy of  being with  horses  is  that  it  brings us  in  contact  with  the  rare  elements of  grace,  beauty,  spirit  and  freedom.” Here in Panama this joy can be experi-enced on a unique tour in the Chiriquí highlands.

Read the rest

Weddings in Panama

March 29th, 2011
Bodas en Panamá

Panama, the perfect destination

The wedding, for most couples, is the momentous event which should define the quality and substance of the rest of their passage through life. Decisions about the details of this awesome ceremony are therefore most important.

So the couple must decide, first and foremost, where will the wedding be?

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Our Cover – Vol. 37#1

March 28th, 2011
Focus Panama - Vol.37#1

“Destination  weddings”  they  are called  by  wedding  planners  and  the tourist  industry.    They  are  becoming the  vogue  as more  and more  couples in  the U.S.A, Europe  and many other countries  decide  to  tie  the  knot  at  an

exotic  destination, with  a  honeymoon conveniently to follow.

To  say  the  vows  on  a  beach,  an island or a mountaintop, in a rainforest or a tropical garden is to have an auspicious  start  to married  life  and memories for  the years ahead… and Panama can provide a wide choice of locations, as well as  the services necessary for a well-organized and happy event.… Read the rest

Whale Watching

January 27th, 2011
Whale Watching in Panama

Whales converge on Panama from the north and the south to mate and breed

Now you can tell everyone you had a whale of a time in Panama, literally, if you go on a whale watching tour off the Pacific or Caribbean coasts of the isthmus. Panama’s location on the globe gives us a unique advantage where whales are concerned because our warm waters attract Humpback whales from the Southern Hemisphere from June to October and from the Northern Hemisphere between December and February.… Read the rest

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